Bluesy infused tomes drenched in elements of psych, stoner and doom enhanced by swirling guitar pyrotechnics... ”

FDJ from Desert PsychList 


Stoner and Western…Country Psych… Southern Doom 

All lands have countryside with tales to tell… Strange, toxic lights that draw you to the site of human remains; the putrid stench and glowing eyes reaching out to you through the dense swamp brush; a corpse you find in a hidden cave, in the side of a mountain in the shape of a man. 

South America, the American South, and Southern New England; Pinto Graham hails from all of these places. Brian Harris, Ant Reckart, and Andre Roman have been making music together since 2016. All three are drummers, musicians, and storytellers. 

Their debut album, UNO, was recorded at Studio Wormwood in the winter of 2017 and released on May 5th of the same year.

 DOS was also recorded with El Mago, the amazing Dave Kaminsky of Studio Wormwood and was released in July of 2019.

They are currently based in New Haven, Connecticut.


In The Press


News about DOS:​​​​​​​


11/19/19 - Meet Ant Reckart of Pinto Graham - Boston Voyager magazine:

8/6/17 - "UNO" reviewed by Jessie May for Alternative Control.

7/31/17 - "The Creeper" - Spun by  Dandycast on their George Romero-themed podcast.

6/13/17- Featured Band of the Week on Roadhousen with Mrs. B (of Continuum) and Sugarbean.  Listen here: 

5/31/17- Featured Artist of the Week  -The Ruff Edge

 5/30/17 - Hour of the Riff - Glasglow, Scotland spun "Fire"

5/16/17 -"Hell Train" spun by Heavy in the Hills on 103.5 KAAD, Sonoroa CA.

5/8/2017 - UNO reviewed by Merchants of Air.

May 2017 - "Bluesy infused tomes drenched in elements of psych, stoner and doom enhanced by swirling guitar pyrotechnics and warm soulful vocals that are underpinned by a tight but flexible rhythm section. 
Superb!!!!! " ~FDJ from Desert PsychList

5/5/17 - Debut Album "UNO" released on Band Camp.