UNO - Lyrics

Hell Train

Hell train, always calling me back 
Hell train, leave scars and tracks 
The further I go down, the hard I fall 
I’m having a breakdown, don’t matter at all 

Hell train, railing runaway rogue 
Hell train, running out of control



Counting Coup  

Mark one, brave young son  
Never back down, never gonna run  
Mark two, the path of the few  
Never get marked, never gonna lose  
Counting Coup instead of taking life  
With my coup stick, I have won this fight 
Mark three, can’t catch me  
Never slow down, wild and free  
Mark four, down to the core  
Warrior heart, cosmic soul 


Ghost Town   

You fell in love with a ghost town, tumble weeds and all   
Not a soul to be found, there’s no room for you   
So ride on…   
Old well in there heart of town, it’s as dry as a bone   
Don’t you shed no tears now, it won’t do no good   
Ride on, ride on…  



Ante up, let’s go boys, luck be a lady tonight    
All the chips are on the table, shoulders squared up for a fight    
Roll the dice once more    
I’ve been down this road before but I lived to see the light    
Another pair of eyes    
This ain’t my first rodeo and its time for me to go    

All in, one last time, winner takes the lot    
Except the .38 I’m holdin’. You’ll get that, like it or not

The Creeper 

Spark it up and pass it down, Keep it going round and round 
Smoke it up until its gone, I hope this is really strong 
Crank up the Floyd man, Wish you were here again 
Cuz, no matter where you been, once its starts kicking in 
Here comes the creeper, all hail the creeper 
Taste color and sound, vibes hitting up and down 
See the lords and their clowns, in the magic forest mouth 
Crank up the Sabbath man, Faeries wearing boots again 
Its all the same in the end, once it starts to hit again


No one to witness, no one survives 
Take no prisoners, no one left alive 
Not the children, not the women 
No need for trophies, Right now is the prize 
And the admission price is fire 
Set this night on fire
See through the vision 
And the admission price is fire

Bootlegger Blues 

In the moonlight, a wild wind blows 
I’ll ride shotgun, to clear the road 
Rolling thunder, white lightning 
Whiskey sun, moonshining 

We race the silence on country roads 
No lights or sirens to slow our roll

Wind N Heel
The tears you shed over the years 
Will be outweighed by all your fears 
They'll wait in darkness till you're alone 
The shadows you see are just your own 
At the end of the day, after you stumble and fall 
There's nothing left to say, nothing left at all 
Whatever you're trying to be is down right dirty and mean 

On bended knee you're never right 
Your insane eyes have lost the fight 
As you get closer to the state I'm in 
You'll pray for life again and again

Low Road 

Right from the start, it was just you and I 
In my time of need, you were not there 
Now the time has come, all debts be paid 
And in the end, the truth will out 
Oh, the choice is clear, gonna tear that bastard down 
Oh, this ends right here, tear that motherfucker down 

I walk the walk, I will not fail 
As I watch you die, I will not mourn – I will not cry